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Shaving Razors and Brushes

A common question we get at shows is “how long does a shaving brush last?”

As with most things in life, it varies. If you take care of a badger brush, it can last for many years. Perhaps the most overlooked and simplest way to ensure that your brush stays healthy is to thoroughly wash off the soap and let it hang dry after use. After you gently squeeze out the water, a couple shakes will suffice.

If you want to wash the brush then shampoo works fine, but don’t use harsh solvents or products like kitchen cleaners.

Another important tip to making sure your brush lasts is to avoid aggressively squishing the brush into your face when lathering. It is both unnecessary as well as likely to break down the hairs.

  • Before shaving, use a damp, hot (warning: not scalding, you don’t want to burn yourself!) washcloth to briefly lay over your beard. This will open the pores and set the stage for the optimal shave. Be extra careful not to use too hot a cloth. Similarly, after a hot shower is also a good time to shave.
  • Use short strokes instead of those super long strokes you typically see in commercials. It looks better on tv than in reality.
  • When you’re done using your brush, use your hand to squeegee out all the rich lather so you can use it to glide your hand over your face for a final pass to inspect for any areas that may need some extra attention.
  • When you’re done shaving, rinse your face with cold water for a bit to help close up your pores and soothe your face.

Sharpening a razor is a really useful and super easy way to get a better shave. Here’s a helpful video we wanted to share with you if you are interested in a close, sharp shave!

We are often asked about double edge razors and wet shaving in general. While it is true that it is different, it is not difficult. Here are some videos that someone else posted on YouTube that you might find helpful if you are new to wet shaving and using a double edge safety razor.

Thank you for your interest.

Writing Instruments

Do you need additional refills? Purchase refills for your Weiss Pen here.
All Weiss Pens handmade pens are refillable with readily-available refills. However, each style pen is unique and are refilled in a variety of ways.

  • Purple Swirl Slimline in Rhodium Finish
    Cross style pens are refilled by pulling apart the upper and lower barrels of the pen and then unscrewing the Cross style refill.

  • Parker style pens are refilled by unscrewing the nib (writing point end) of the pen and simply pulling out the Parker style refill. Be careful not to lose the spring, which must be replaced onto the tip of the new refill.
  • Stardust-Fountain-01
    Rollerball pens are refilled by unscrewing the nib (writing tip end) of the pen and letting the refill simply slide out. Be careful to keep the spring in the finial (back end) of the pen. Unlike the Parker style pens, this spring does not slide over the tip of the refill.
  • Copper-Stainless-Fountain-2
    Fountain pens are refilled either using the converter and a bottle of ink, or they are refilled by unscrewing the front section of the pen and installing an ink cartridge.