Earthen Bronze Badger Brush and Razor Set


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Relax and enjoy the traditional experience that a safety razor offers. We offer a new touch of style on an old time classic. Not only will you enjoy your shaving experience. more, but your bathroom will benefit from the added touch of elegance and style.
This finely handcrafted double edge razor set features a premium badger hair brush as well as a fashionable double edge razor. (*Synthetic brush hair available upon request.) The sleek, durable resin material withstands years of pleasurable use.


  • Handmade razor
  • Stand
  • Badger hair brush
  • Complimentary packages of razor blades
  • Gift box
  • Our warranty because we stand behind what we do!


Razor Head Options


A widely popular blade, the Fusion® provides an excellent shave and blades are available everywhere.
The 5 blades are completed by an extra precision trimmer blade that is ideal for harder to reach places and precision strokes.



Being introduced in 1998 is a testament to this blades performance and value. It features 3 Advanced Anti-Friction Blades.
This razor is compatible with the Gillette® Mach3®, Mach3® Turbo, and Venus®.
While the Mach3® and Fusion® both provide excellent shaves, the extra precision trimmer blade on the Fusion® is, perhaps, the most notable difference.


Double Edge Safety Razor

Safety razors allow you the freedom to use many more blades that are personally best-suited to your face. In addition to that, safety razor blades are far more economical, allowing you to use a brand new, fresh blade with every shave should you desire.
Not only that, but for beard lines and sideburns safety razors are the ideal choice.
Closed comb safety razors are standard (pictured above), but an open comb option is available upon special request.

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